About Kilogen

Kilogen Ltd is a private equity trading company based in county Kilkenny, Ireland. The company was incorporated in 2007 with equity investment by its founding shareholders. Kilogen has an elected board of 6 Directors.

Kilogen Ltd. is a Green Energy Service Company (GESCO) dedicated to the production and processing of bio-energy fuels and the delivery of integrated heat and power technologies and energy solutions for consumers within a 50Km radius of its planned production location near Kilkenny

Kilogen is focussed on enabling farmers to select and grow the most appropriate energy crops for conversion into energy solutions for consumers and industry within a 50km radius of radius of its planned production location near Kilkenny city.


Bio-Energy Agri-Services

This division provides a total support service to Growers of bio-energy crops including the licensed supply of root and seed stocks to registered growers in the Kilogen regional clusters as part of the Green Energy Growers Association National Network. It also provides feedstock management, transport and farm contracting services to farmers and plantation owners in the Kilogen region.

Bio-Feedstock Processing and Fuel Manufacturing

Kilogen will build and operate biomass processing facilities producing composite fuel pellets and associated fuel products for distribution in Ireland. A 48,000 tonne plant will be constructed in the Kilogen region.

Marketing and Sale of Energy Products Services

This division is responsible for all retail and wholesale sales and services.
This division also provides full engineering and technical support for heat and power solutions for Industry, local authorities and consumers within a 50km radius of the Kilogen fuel processing facility.